Welcome to PRO OVO - a world which revolves around eggs. No matter which egg product you are looking for - egg yolk, egg white or whole egg, organic, free-range, barn or enriched cage hen eggs - you can be sure to find the right product. Our eggs have no secrets - they originate from all over Europe and are processed with due consideration under the highest quality standards and are perfectly prepared for you. 

We separate the egg yolk from the egg white and we prepare recipes and mixtures to simplify your production procedures or activities. New liquid egg products are continuously developed to suit your applications. By adding various ingredients such as cream, herbs or sugar we can supply solutions for various branches of the food industry in suitable containers or the packaging forms most convenient for our customers. Our company headquarters in the heart of Lower-Austria are located in a central position. Our own fleet of vehicles gives us mobility and the advantage of beeing able to assure a quick delivery for our customers.